Nightingale Restaurant

The Nightingale restaurant in Glenmore, at the Glenmore Sands Holiday Resort, is a firm favourite among local diners. An absolute “must try” for visitors. Unpretentious, cosy and friendly with a varied a-la-carte menu at reasonable prices. Choices range from delicious seafood, Indian curries, juicy steaks, crumbed schnitzel, chicken and lots more. Chef Ansa provides delicious, yet generous portions served by friendly and courteous staff.

nightingale restaurant menu
Snippet in Nightingale Menu

The restaurant is named after “The Nightingale”, a cargo vessel that ran aground on Munster beach in 1933. Survivors of the wreck were given blankets, food and refuge in this very building, hence the association with the ship.  The dining area and foyer is decorated with memorabilia and photos of the old ship, creating a unique and historical dining experience. The remains of the ship’s boiler can still be seen on the Munster Beach.

Restaurant reservations can be made at +27 (0) 39 319 2312