Helicopter Flips and Charters

Helicopter Leisure Flips

How about a thrilling flight in a helicopter, along the beautiful coastline of the Wild Coast? When Airtrack is not using their helicopter in its security role, they provide recreational and business flying services to the public through helicopter flips and charters.

This could be the beginning of a memory that would last a lifetime! An experience to tick off your bucket list! Operating from Margate Airport, and occasionally from Munster Private Airfield, the short scenic flights are a cost effective way of experiencing the thrill of aviation, and of getting a bird’s eye view of the beautiful coast and countryside.

Perhaps you would like to book something a bit longer? Perhaps an extended tour down the breathtaking Wild Coast? Check out the dolphins, the whales and see the magnificent, deep gorges. The best option of all is the special “bring-your-own-basket” excursion, tailor made to your specific needs.

Helicopter Business Charters

Where time is of the essence, a pre-booked helicopter charter is the ideal solution. Perhaps you would like to use Airtrack’s services to to get quickly from point A to B, or to view a farm, an engineering, or construction project, from above. If so, please feel free to contact Airtrack at the following:


Email: ops@airtrack.co.za

Telephone: +27 79 890 3988

Address: Margate Airport, 2182 Anne Barnard Road, Margate 4275