Security In Munster

Private Security Companies

Security in Munster area is supported by the South African Police Services, based in Port Edward, as well as three active private security companies. These include GP Security, National Security and Airtrack X-treme Security Solutions. The regular presence of patrol vehicles from these companies is a reassuring sight for residents and visitors, as well as a deterrent for potential criminals. Monitored surveillance cameras, placed in strategic areas in the village also serve to improve security. Although Munster is a quiet, relatively secure area, one needs to remain alert and vigilant. Good security is the responsibility of everyone.

Airtrack X-Treme Security Solutions

Airtrack X-Treme Security Solutions is based permanently in Munster, directly at the entrance, in the Water Hole Centre. This specialized security provider covers the coastal area from Southbroom to Port Edward. Their immediate and imposing presence is a valuable asset and enhancement to the security in Munster

Airtrack Security Solutions offers state of the art residential security. Their services include alarm monitoring, rapid response and CCTV. The company also specializes in corporate security, including guarding, private investigations, vehicle escorts, tracking and asset recovery.

Airtrack Security Resources

The residents of Munster are most fortunate to have a security company, on their doorstep, with access to such modern resources. These include:

  • Modern response vehicles
  • A team of highly mobile security personnel on bicycles. Known as Munster’s very own “Bike Squad”
  • Trained security dogs
  • Their very own Airtrack Helicopter, used to supply aerial support when necessary

Contact Details

  • Email:
  • Tel: 039 319 1415 or 067 412 9570
  • The Water Hole Center, 10064 Munster Road, Munster, KZN