Ducktree Cottages

ducktree cottages
Ducktree cottages

Ducktree Cottages is a delightful, pet-friendly, self-catering cottage in Munster. Really close to the beach, this charming unit derives its quaint name from the rare Coastal Milkwood that grows horizontally along the front of the patio. Anyone moving to the garden, past this tree, is forced to duck …  hence the name Duck Tree!

The Cottage is set in a beautiful, tranquil garden. Private and charming. A truly romantic getaway for a couple of any age, needing a break.

The cottage consists of of two separate, inter-leading units, the Cottage and the Courtyard. Together they are ideal for two couples, parents and children, or two separate singles, one on either side.

Please visit Ducktree Cottage website, for more information, or to make a reservation